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“Paul Lyon was able to quickly understand my business and my customers needs. He and his team helped me put together a powerful brochure and accompanying trade publication articles. My customers have commented to me that once they received our materials, they knew we were very professional and a company that they wanted to do business with. Paul’s consultation during the creation of our new website and investor kit has helped us grow the number of leads we are getting from our website by 30 percent! He seemed to instinctively know how to shape our message and where to put the calls to action so that our website visitors turned into leads. I highly recommend Lyon Strategic Communications to anyone looking to vastly improve the quality of their customer value proposition and the methods they are using to communicate with their customers.”
Bob Lahey
Vice President of Business Development
Harris Miniature Golf Courses Inc.

“I have known Paul Lyon for a dozen years and in all that time I can't say there is a person who is more aware of what is going on in the public's mind. I have been a follower of the thinking of the common man since high school and find Paul's insight so incisive that his forecasts of events are always right on. My hobby has always been marketing, so it's been common for Paul and I to discuss modern marketing techniques. He's usually so far ahead of me that sometimes I think he’s the innovator of the techniques in the first place. This guy can get you results and results are what you want when you market.”
Michael J. Cefalo, Esq.
Cefalo & Associates

“I have had the opportunity to work with Paul Lyon on a number of matters and have found him to be a person of outstanding character and integrity who is exceptionally talented in the field of public relations. Time after time, I have witnessed Paul demonstrate great judgment and I would have no hesitancy in recommending him to anyone who is seeking a true professional.”
Joseph A. Quinn Jr., Esq.
Hourigan, Kluger & Quinn

“Paul's knowledge of politics in Northeastern Pennsylvania provides an insight that is invaluable to candidates and pundits alike. He can be an enormous asset to any candidate serious about winning.”
Christopher P. Carney
Former U.S. Congressman

"Paul Lyon has been great to work with on getting publicity for our Court Appointed Special Advocate Program. His knowledge of how the media and press work helped our program get media attention and prepare for the interview by focusing on the message we want to be heard."
Mary Jane Yevics
Director of Guardianship/Court Services
The Advocacy Alliance

“Paul provided us with superb counsel and debate prep help on a top-tier congressional race. His efforts helped us make our first debate into a big win in the debate hall and in the press coverage afterwards. I highly recommend his services.”
Andrew Eldridge-Martin
Founder & President, Caucus Media LLC
Campaign Manager, Carney for Congress 2006

“Paul's unique ability to provide messaging that is strategic and strong, yet measured, provides candidates with the missing ingredient for victory. Any candidate would be well-served having the message mastery that Paul Lyon brings to the table.”
Corey D. O'Brien
Former Lackawanna County Commissioner

“Lyon Strategic Communications is the best political consulting firm in Northeastern Pennsylvania, bar none. Paul and his team provided me with all the tools and resources I needed to win - from yard signs to Facebook to TV commercials. They are a true one-stop shop for political campaigns. I would recommend Lyon Strategic Communications to anyone."
Karl Wagner
Former Pike County Commissioner

“Paul Lyon has been an asset to our organization ... We have been overwhelmingly satisfied over the years.”
Alex J. Hazzouri
CEO, The Advocacy Alliance

“Paul Lyon’s extensive experience and talents allow him to quickly spot the issues and formulate appropriate and successful strategies.”
David I. Fallk, Esq.
Past President, The Committee for Justice for All

“In this day and age of the Internet and the 24-hour news cycle, any attorney handling a high-profile case needs someone like Paul to see all the angles and help manage the message.”
Mark J. Powell, Esq.
Powell Law

"I have known Paul professionally for almost 10 years. He is smart, hardworking, innovative, and a great asset to have on your team. I would recommend him to everyone."
Adrienne LeFevre
LeFevre Trial Consulting

“Paul is a consummate professional. He is a superb writer, speaker and communicator in the legal and political arenas. More importantly, Paul Lyon cares about people. He stands tall for the little guy, giving them a voice against special interests.”
Malcolm L. MacGregor, Esq.
McDonald & MacGregor
Past President, PA Association for Justice

“Paul has been, and continues to be, not only a leader, but an inspiration to everyone who is blessed by his partnership ... He is a man whose professionalism stands out like no other. He's the best of the best.”
Bill Thiel
Executive Director, Maureen's Mission
“Paul Lyon is passionate about his business endeavors and his clients’ interests. Organization and dedication are his hallmark traits, as well as his ability to communicate with a broad spectrum of individuals and organizations. He would be a trusted asset to any team.”
Eugene F. Hickey, Esq.
“Paul Lyon is much more than a talented web designer ... Paul listened to my ideas and intuitively understood and respected that it was important to me to be a part of the creative process. I love my web site, and I think that is the ultimate praise I have for Paul Lyon and his work.”
Diane Secor, Ph.D.
Doc Diane
“Paul was an invaluable resource as part of our team over multiple campaigns and many years in office. He is a total pro and knows strategic communications and politics as well as anyone in the business. I would absolutely work with him again.”
Vincent Rongione
Campaign Manager, Carney for Congress 2008
“I have known Paul for over 20 years … A solid multi-talented individual with strong writing and interpersonal skills.”
Frank J. Bolock Jr., Esq.
“Paul's advice and support have been invaluable as we developed our own organization's communications program. Paul's background as a journalist and knowledge of the news media make him a perfect resource.”
Craig Giangiulio
Executive Director, PA Association for Justice