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lyonPaul Lyon, founder of Lyon Strategic Communications, is one of the most sought-after public relations consultants and political strategists in Pennsylvania. While he specializes in high-stakes PR and political campaigns, Lyon has handled all types of public relations, marketing and advertising projects for political, legal, commercial, advocacy and non-profit clients in Northeastern Pennsylvania and beyond.

Before establishing Lyon Strategic Communications (formerly Roar! Communications) in 2002, Lyon spent nearly 20 years in the media as a daily newspaper reporter, editor, graphic designer and web designer. Lyon credits his many years in the media for his PR savvy.

“A lot of people in PR never spent a day in a newsroom,” he says. “I spent almost two decades covering stories, helping reporters develop stories, deciding which stories are newsworthy, and producing daily print and online editions. I know how the media operates inside and out, and I know how to sell a story.”

A graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, where he earned a degree from CMU’s nationally acclaimed Professional Writing Program, Paul has finely honed news judgment, the ability to quickly understand and articulate complex issues, a knack for communicating a client’s story, and the strategies to build equity and keep a story in the news. As a consultant, he has used his media savvy and skills to change minds, win elections, build brand, manage crises, effectuate policy change and help clients become media authorities in their respective fields. He has gotten clients into the news and gotten them out. 

In addition to his extensive PR expertise, Paul is also an accomplished marketing and advertising consultant who has handled every kind of project from fridge magnets to TV commercials, web sites, print advertising, billboards, direct mail and collateral materials. He also prides himself on constantly learning and keeping abreast of the latest mass communication theories and techniques.

“Words and images are the building blocks of thought,” he says. “By using words and images effectively, you can persuade people to think differently and change their minds. Message matters.”

Paul lives with his family in Northeastern Pennsylvania. When he’s not at the computer, talking or texting on his iPhone, or on the road working with clients, he enjoys playing blues guitar, golf, fly fishing and cycling.